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Hello! I am Tomeshwar Nishad, and I warmly welcome you to TomeshNews.co.in. This is a place where you can find all kinds of valuable and entertaining information related to dogs.

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Our mission is to deliver essential and insightful content to people regarding their beloved dogs. Here, we present daily new thoughts, tips, and experiences that are beneficial for you and your beloved companions.

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Our area of study revolves around the health, nutrition, intelligence, and internal and external beauty of dogs. We provide knowledge and understanding about different types of dogs so that you can understand and respect your dog better.

About Tomeshwar Nishad


I am a dog enthusiast and a significant part of my life is spent with these precious friends. My aim is to help people understand the importance of proper dog care and to assist in making their lifestyle better.

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Through our blog, you can always stay connected with new and important information. We take pleasure in knowing that we can fulfill every need related to your dog.

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Tomeshwar Nishad